"Wireless First" will become the mainstream of wide-area connectivity by 2023



Market research institute IDC pointed out in its top 10 predictions for China's future connectivity in 2022 that "wireless first" will become the mainstream of wide-area connectivity by 2023.


IDC's top 10 future connectivity predictions for China in 2022 are as follows:


Prediction 1: Connect the enabling service
By 2023, 50% of IT employees in China's medium and large enterprises will shift their jobs from traditional network support operations to strategic business and technology innovation.


Prediction 2: Collaborative office 2.0
By 2024, 20% of China's contact centers supporting the financial, retail and hospitality industries will adopt a "consistent work Experience" architecture to enable efficient, secure and enterprise-class work experiences anytime, anywhere.


Prediction 3: Wireless first
By 2023, "wireless first" will become the mainstream of wide-area connectivity, with 70 percent of Chinese enterprises, industry and public sector organizations accelerating investment in wireless connectivity.


Prediction 4: Connectivity risk
By 2025, the top 1,000 enterprises in China will still face the systemic risk of network service interruption every year, indicating that investment in connection redundancy and service resilience will remain critical.


Prediction 5: Network data compliance
By 2023, 20 percent of Chinese organizations will combine telecom/cloud providers to build sovereign clouds on local infrastructure to ensure compliance and limit extraterritorial connectivity, access and data migration.


Prediction 6: Online and offline integration
By 2022, 70 percent of Chinese enterprises will realize hybrid smart connectivity, connecting physical stores with digital stores and supply chains to facilitate seamless business transactions.


Prediction 7: low carbon network
By 2025, 60% of Chinese enterprises will expect network providers to require clarification of sustainability measures, responsible supply chain principles and secure IT asset allocation capabilities in RFI (Letter of Intent for Bidding Information) requests.


Prediction # 8: Rich media
By 2023, 80% of Chinese enterprises will need to transform their networks and processes to provide a more personalized and interactive rich media customer experience.


Prediction 9: Web as a service
By 2026, 30% of China's medium and large enterprises will adopt NaaS (Network as a Service) to achieve operational agility, service customization and flexible billing models to support complex networks and multi-cloud environments.


Prediction 10: Joint toughness
By 2022, more than 45% of Chinese organizations will prioritize connectivity resilience to ensure business continuity for customers, employees and partners.

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