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  • Data consistency comparison

    The platform provides differential comparison between the original and the target data. It can be applied to tariff comparison, parameter comparison, order relationship comparison, settlement data comparison, and CDR data comparison of different systems. Through the comparison test, the problem can be discovered in time, which can lead to the reduction of the occurrence of problems and the cost of repairing the problem.
  • Smart contract management system

    The Smart Contract Management System is a blockchain-based, tamper-proof, decentralized and highly automated contract management system. It records all the contract model revisions, contract approval traces, contract paper documents tamper-proof identification results, etc. in the blockchain and open to suppliers and other partners for inquiry and download. The contract-related content is completely unavailable to tamper.
  • Multimedia production and release platform of H5 micro scene

    The platform is comprehensive in function and flexible in application, with 10 modules and 400 multi-function points. By continuously enriching the basic materials of the platform, we can create various adaptation scene templates, which can realize open the account for users to self-produce and release. The platform also can carry out deep customization works to meet user's requirements efficiently and beautifully.
  • E-commerce settlement platform

    The e-commerce platform provides users with various types of products such as air tickets, hotels, etc. The settlement between different merchants requires a unified settlement platform. The E-commerce settlement platform mainly includes seven modules: information management, reconciliation management, billing management, payment management, complaint management, risk control management, and value-added services.
  • MVNO BOSS platform

    MVNO Boss Platform could Provide comprehensive IT support services to MVNOs around the world, helping MVNOs to deploy market much better and faster. It includes many modules: 1) User portal provides multi-channel access. 2) Product management mode. 3) Order Management mode. 4) The user management mode. 5) Billing and re-rating service mode. 6) Service launch mode. 7) The settlement mode.
  • Client-Side ActiveMQ LoadBalance

    Multiple independent ActiveMQ broker instances are deployed in the system. All Instances stand alone, and there is no dependency to each other. Each instance only carries part of the business. Loadbalance implements on the client-side.
  • Workflow Engine

    The workflow Engine is used to manage the workflow, allowing users to focus on the business logic processing, instead of the direct flow of the process, communication and other issues. Autoflow is a workflow engine for pure background business process. It can directly call java method, use RPC interface and RESTFul interface to complete business code which can help developers to concentrate on business code.
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